Passport & Visas

Published by - Feb 24, 2004
Do you want to work in New Zealand, study there, invest or simply visit the country and enjoy its world-famous sights? The country has for a fact offer a wide range of visa options that you can apply for. All tourists traveling to New Zealand must hold a passport valid for a... Read More

Maori Culture

Published by - Nov 24, 2003
Maori’s origins are traced back to Eastern Polynesia wherein they travelled towards Aotearoa through their canoe (voyages) for quite some time. The journeys they have had during that time made them as one of the greatest travellers of all time. For several centuries, the... Read More


Published by - Oct 4, 2003
New Zealand’s electricity network works at 230 volt AC (50 hertz). Most of NZ hotels & motels also have 110 volt AC sockets to charge electric shavers. An adaptor will however be required to be able to use any of the electrical equipment that tourists may bring into the... Read More


Published by - Sep 16, 2003
New Zealand offers a great healthcare system. Tourist can find a list with local healthcare providers searching the telephone directory, first section. New Zealand’s compensation scheme for accidents will cover overseas tourists who happens to be injured in an accident. The... Read More


Published by - Aug 14, 2003
There are two official languages in New Zealand: English and Maori. The predominant language is English spoken allover the country. Maori is a language spoken by half of the Maori population. Some Maori words are often used by English speakers too, for example whanau (family),... Read More