North Island

Published by - Feb 7, 2006
New Zealand’s North Island has the most inhabitants and boasts of around 77 percent of the country’s population. Auckland is the biggest Pacific island city as well. Located at the southernmost point of the island is Wellington, NZ’s capital. What makes the North different... Read More

South Island

Published by - Dec 8, 2004
South Island from New Zealand is famous for its natural attractions. The land has got it covered for the nature-loving traveller and backpacker; it has plenty of stunning views, hiking trails, mountains, ski fields, glacier formations and lakes. It is home to Mt. Cook and the... Read More

Stewart Island

Published by - Mar 5, 2004
Stewart Island in the southern part of New Zealand is the country’s third largest and least inhabited island. With a mere human population of 400, you can truly say that this part in New Zealand is heavenly and untouched. All tourists are welcomed by the ‘laid back’ friendly... Read More