Bike Trails

Published by - Feb 15, 2016
New Zealand is a magical and fantastic land where it serves as a home to the many land and water formations you thought you’d only see in the movies. Almost every sceneries you see are enigmatic, not to mention the friendly and laid back kiwis, a thriving unique culture and... Read More

White Water Rafting

Published by - Feb 10, 2016
Rafting is one of NZ’s most sought after adrenaline-pumped activities. The journey starts out in complete peace, the raft gliding through the wilderness and then the cruise segues into a wild, wet adventure down raging rapids. New Zealand’s mountains are a haven for rivers... Read More

Glacier Tours

Published by - Jan 4, 2016
New Zealand is a country of contrasts. In this part of the world, both ice and sunny climes exist; the Abel Tasman coastline features one of the most beautiful pristine beaches in the whole world while teeming glaciers thrive in the country’s Southern Alps. If the latter is... Read More

Whale Watching

Published by - Dec 12, 2015
The country has a distinctive array of animal and plant species, and one of the more popular sights to behold in this country are the presence of whales. It is a breathtaking sight to behold; these smart and gigantic aquatic creatures at close proximity will definitely complete... Read More

Bungy Jumping

Published by - Nov 25, 2015
Some people love it, some people wouldn’t even consider it for a split second: bungy jumping! This extreme sport will definitely tempt most backpackers and other travellers to give it a try. From the high-structured places to the harness and elastic cord that will hold you... Read More