Whale Watching

Published by - Dec 12, 2015
The country has a distinctive array of animal and plant species, and one of the more popular sights to behold in this country are the presence of whales. It is a breathtaking sight to behold; these smart and gigantic aquatic creatures at close proximity will definitely complete... Read More

North Island

Published by - Feb 7, 2006
New Zealand’s North Island has the most inhabitants and boasts of around 77 percent of the country’s population. Auckland is the biggest Pacific island city as well. Located at the southernmost point of the island is Wellington, NZ’s capital. What makes the North different... Read More

Bay Of Islands Region

Published by - Sep 12, 2005
Situated on the north eastern coast of New Zealand’s North Island, on a bay of 144 islands, the area has a warm climate, beautiful bays and sheltered beaches. It is also an area rich in history, being one of the first parts of New Zealand to be settled by Maori and Europeans... Read More