Water Sports in New Zealand

Published by - Mar 11, 2017
New Zealand is not just all about beautiful and serene landscapes, there are also a lot of sights to behold on its waters. The Tasman Sea, Pacific Ocean, the lakes, nth-tiered waterfalls, New Zealand sure did make the most out of these with the many water sports it offers. From... Read More

Best Backpackers Hostels

Published by - Apr 19, 2016
New Zealand’s panoramic mountains, pristine beaches, great wildlife and unique Maori culture make it a perfect destination for many people either for their holiday getaway or a retirement haven. Though how promising and beautiful it may seem, going and visiting New Zealand... Read More


Published by - Apr 1, 2016
If you want to visit New Zealand and really know its history, culture and practices then you must visit its museums. Know their Maori and Polynesian roots, get to know each city and each district through the interactive learning experiences offered and visit the smaller, more... Read More

Lord of the Rings Locations

Published by - Mar 13, 2016
To this day, Peter Jackson’s The Lord of the Rings trilogy of films are considered as one of the most successful film franchises to ever hit the silver screen. A celluloid adaptation of J.R.R. Tolkien’s epic saga, the franchise amassed tons of financial and critical success... Read More

Jet Boating

Published by - Mar 7, 2016
Jet boating in NZ is a big deal, since this kind of adventure was invented there, after all. It can suit people of any age and level of fitness and you can participate in this activity all year round too. An New Zealand jet boat ride will carry you throughout water channels,... Read More