Travel Blogs

Published by - Nov 21, 2015
Thousands of travellers from all over the world go to New Zealand and other interesting countries. Many of those travellers keep a journal or update a travel blog frequently and often you can get the best information from those travel blogs. Places that are almost unknown and... Read More

Swimming with the Dolphins

Published by - Nov 14, 2015
New Zealand is not only a home to many pristine beaches, picturesque landscapes and classic backdrops but also the habitat to some of the world’s rarest dolphins. Located in the Southern part of the Pacific Ocean, New Zealand offers many of its tourists great opportunities... Read More

Self Drive Holiday

Published by - Nov 11, 2015
New Zealand is popular when it comes to travelers, and there is a huge reason why; the country’s natural attractions are considered as one of the most amazing in the world. It is an excellent choice for vacation destination, and a self-drive holiday is one popular travel option of... Read More

Hiking Trails

Published by - Nov 1, 2015
It’s no secret that New Zealand is the preferred destination of backpackers and travellers all over the world. NZ might be small in size, but this energetic, welcoming country has plenty to offer in terms of wonderful, mind-blowing sights and activities. The North Island’s... Read More

Sport in New Zealand

Published by - Oct 27, 2015
New Zealand is a country with awe-inspiring sights famous from the world over. It has crystal clear lakes, springs, beaches and mountains dripping with icy glaciers. Plenty of people have traveled the country to enjoy the wonderful tourist highlights and participate in the local... Read More